Sabotage in the Secret City

A World War Two mystery set in Tennessee
May 1945. Harry S. Truman has become president, the Allied Forces are closing in on Berlin and the research scientists at the secret facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, are doing their bit to bring the war to as swift a conclusion as possible. But does the end justify the means? Libby Clark has mixed feelings about the horror she and her fellow scientists are labouring to unleash on the citizens of Japan – and it seems she’s not the only one to have doubts.

A campaign of small acts of sabotage convinces Libby that one of their number is deliberately trying to delay the mission. But when the pranks turn deadly, Libby is forced once again to turn undercover sleuth to unmask the traitor within, prevent further deaths and keep the focus on ending World War II.

Reviews for this book

“Libby Clark is a good series lead: tough, resourceful, and smart. Fans of other WWII-set mysteries with strong female leads.”


“Oak Ridge offers rich terrain for examining the difficulties facing women in the 1940s, and Libby, a refreshingly independent and astute sleuth, does her best to deal with the sexism she faces almost daily. Readers will look forward to her next outing.”

Publisher’s Weekly


Reviews from other books in the series

“Thought-provoking details of the obstacles women faced in the wartime workforce.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Fanning’s intricate and smart new novel. Libby herself is a brave and admirable career woman, and seeing her in action, carefully hunting the truth while refusing to play down her expertise, makes for a very satisfying story.”

Historical Novel Society

“A fascinating new historical series that also offers an almost sociological study of women’s issues during World War II. Her refreshingly original amateur sleuth is smart, strong-willed, and independent in an era when marriage was usually the only career option for women.”

Library Journal

“Fanning re-creates the atmosphere at Oak Ridge effectively, and her exploration of the ethical issues surrounding security are timely today.

A promising new series.”


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