Wrong Turn

Book Six in the Lt. Lucinda Pierce Mystery Series

An unsettling new case for Homicide Investigator Lucinda Pierce

When the body of missing Emily Sherman is found in the basement of serial killer Mack Roger’s home, it becomes clear that a tragic miscarriage of justice has put Martha Sherman in prison for the last five years and allowed Rogers to carry on killing more innocent victims.  Homicide detective Lucinda Pierce is forced to revisit the original investigation, her first murder case, and to make right the wrong turn she took all those years ago.

To make matters worse, FBI Special Agent in Charge Jake Lovett has been assigned to review another one of Lucinda’s previous investigations.  Mounting guilt and pressure from her superiors drives Lucinda to uncover the truth.  Then, when her young friend Charley Spencer is falsely accused of vandalism, she has another potential miscarriage of justice on her conscience.  And she still has to find Mack Rogers before he kills again.

WRONG TURN, the sixth book in the Lucinda Pierce Series, examines the high cost of wrongful conviction on individual lives and society as a whole.


Inspired by my experience working with Julie Rea’s case, WRONG TURN takes a look at wrongful conviction. You can read about my inspiration on the big THRILL, a newsletter from the International Thriller Writers.

“Multiple cases, interesting details of police work, and well-drawn characters, especially the complex, principled Lucinda, drive this fast-paced mystery that will appeal to readers who enjoy strong women protagonists.”


“Fanning gives her lead depth that complements a well-constructed plot.”

Publisher’s Weekly

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